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Woodland walks
wildflower meadow
Rainbow wood glade
Walk way posts
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Green man of the woods - credit Kazumi Photography
Secret lake in winter
Den building
Giants' Pencils
Small Tortoiseshell butterfly
Giant Ssssnake - credit Alex Brattell
Nightingales in Kent make up more than 15% of the UK population of nightingales.
An autumnal canopy in early October

Woodland walks

Choose either Green, Red or Blue woodland walk as you explore our 100 acres!

Green Walk: 900m or 15 mins

Red Walk: 1,400m or 30 mins

Blue Walk: 2,000m or 45 mins

These walks may take a bit longer if you have little feet or a buggy! They can be a muddy too so where sensible shoes.

Buy our nature trail sheet from the shop for the kids and follow the posts on our walks.


This walk takes you along the edge of our grazing pasture where you can see our sheep or cattle grazing, and through a short section of ancient woodland to the Giants' Chairs picnic area. Continue downhill and dont forget to wave at the tractor as it passes. Test the kids skills while you stop off in our Mysterious Marsh venture trail, then pass our Plants and Produce nursery and orchard, more grazing pasture and large play area with hill fort, tube maze and aerial runway before heading back towards the main farm yard.


The same start route as the green walk, but this walk continues further into our ancient woodland up a shallow gradient which has a boardwalk in the muddiest sections. Follow the signs to kept to the path. In spring you will be treated to a carpet of bluebells on the woodland floor as well as wood anemones, lesser celandine and primroses but please do not pick them so everyone can enjoy their beauty. There is beauty and tranquillity to be found here even on a crisp winter's day. Look out for the Giants' Pencils as you head towards our Secret Lake, a perfect place to have a picnic. Sit around our 'Green Man of the Woods' totem while the kids busy themselves in our designated den building area. Leave the woods to meet our Giant Ssssnake then pass 'Parsley meadow' our Wildflower meadow (open seasonally to walk through, please keep to the mown path to avoid damaging the flowers), here you can see an abundance of insect life, especially buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies. Continue to head downhill past our grazing sheep and on to the Giants' Chairs and our Green Walk.


Instead of heading towards the Giants' Pencils and Secret Lake, the blue walk takes you in to Rainbow Wood our commememorative woodland. Ten thousand trees make up Rainbow Wood. Here you will find native British trees including Oak, Ash, Hornbeam, Field Maple, Wild Service and Crab Apple, many of which have been dedicated, look for dedication plaques. Follow the posts and arrows round the edge of wood passing the pond or take a shortcut through the grass path rides and glades. Butterflies, birds are dragonflies are abundant here to keep a keen eye out. As you leave the wood you come across our Giant Ssssnake and follow the green and red walks back toward the farm yard.


Rainbow Wood is a native plantation woodland, which was originally set up as a commemorative wood many years ago. There are many commemorative dedications in the wood which you can see as you follow our woodland walks. We no longer take on any new dedications.