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Budgerigars like to preen their feathers together and get up close
A Zebra Finch
A budgerigar and a parakeet.


Come in and see the gorgeous colours and fascinating habits of our aviary birds. This is a walk-in experience, so you can get close to the birds. You'll see Budgerigars, Cockatiels, finches and sparrows as they fly about around you.


A small long-tailed parrot which is popular as a pet due to its playful, vocal nature.  In captivity they can be a variety of colours; blues, yellows, whites and greys, but naturally they are green and yellow with black markings.  You can tell the gender by looking at the colour around the nostrils (royal blue for males and white or brown for females). 


Cockatiels are now a very popular pet. They are greyish blue in colour with a distinctive yellow crest and orange ear markings.  They have white wing coverts although in females this is greyer.  The beak is greyish blue and they have a longish tail.  The female is duller in colouration.  They eat both seeds and fruits.

Zebra Finch

A small bird at just 10cm long, the Zebra Finch is the second most popular pet finch. They live in flocks. The male is much more colourful than the female with orange cheek patches. They feed on the ground or amongst shrubs and grasses. Being very adaptable they can nest in trees, shrubs, at ground level or below ground in old rabbit warrens!

Java Sparrow

A small bird at 15-17cm long, Java Sparrows live in flocks. Adults have distinct white cheeks, a black head and a thick red bill. They have grey or fawn plumage and pink feet. They feed on rice fields in the wild and other seeds.