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Discovery Garden
Pink poppies and grasses. We also have a Wildlife garden to the east of the Discovery Garden

Discovery Garden

In the secret den we call our Discovery Garden, the cultivation of the edible embraces the ornamental, with a touch of wild thrown in for good measure. Here, nature and nurture sit in harmony. Visitors can linger in this tranquil spot and enjoy a sense of peace.

In season, raspberries and strawberries, pumpkin, cabbages, lettuces, and fragrant herbs can be found. If you're lucky, you might find a succulent strawberry before the birds and squirrels do. Birds and the bees are drawn to the scent of the garden's flowers and there are domestic rabbits in the garden add to its delight.

The Discovery Garden is enclosed on the west side by our Butterfly tunnel. On the east side you'll find a Wildlife garden containing woven willow structures and a pond. Here we have compost bins, a wormery, weed beds and woodpiles.

Plantings in the Wildlife Garden encourage both vertebrate and invertebrate creatures. It is hoped our work will not only inspire visitors with the natural beauty on display, but offer knowledge and encourage a love of gardening and conservation.