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General FAQs

The following FAQs should help you get the most from your visit.
  • Do you accept American Express?

    No, we cannot accept American Express payments at this time. 

  • Do you offer discounts for Carers?

    Yes, disabled visitors can bring one Carer, free of charge. You may be asked to provide evidence at the entrance to the farm, so please bring documentation such as DLA or P/P with you. Thank you.

    If you purchase a Membership and require a Carer we can add them to your Membership.

    Please make sure you book all persons attending the Farm - into the new Booking Slot system even if you already have a valid ticket as since Covid we need all visitors logged for entry.

  • What if it rains?

    We are an outdoor farm site, so you should come prepared for wet weather - please remember your wellies and waterproofs. It can be fun outdoors in the rain!

  • Is there a gift shop?

    • Currently the gift shop remains closed.
    • Goody Bags (priced from £2 upwards) can be ordered before your visit and then collected from the shop at the end of the day.
    • We also have a £10 mystery bag available.
  • Is there a restaurant on site?

    • We have a restaurant but at the moment this remains closed.
    • We now have a takeaway option from the Patio that you can grab and take to the rest of site.
    • We also have hot food available from the Cabin and Trailer including paninis at the Cabin.
  • How do we get to the Rare Breeds Centre?

    The Rare Breeds Centre is situated near Ashford, about fifteen minutes from Junction 10 of the M20, between the villages of Hamstreet and Woodchurch on the B2067. Click here for directions.


  • Do you allow Dogs on the Farm?

    Unfortunately, we do not allow dogs on the farm site, as they scare our animals. Please leave your pooches at home when you visit! (Guide Dogs are admitted). Thanks.

  • Can we touch the animals?

    Animals should only be touched at the supervised 'Meet the Animals' sessions.

    Animals with a calm temperament are selected for our supervised 'Meet the Animals' sessions. The animals are accustomed to being handled, and are usually friendly, however all animals have the potential to bite or butt, and should be treated with respect. It is best to hold your hand flat and approach the animal from below its chin rather than towards its eyes or forehead, which it may interpret as a threat. Please supervise children at all times.

    Outside the 'Meet the Animals' sessions, the animals should not be touched and please do not put fingers into cages, fences or wires.

    Please wash your hands after touching the animals, and adults please ensure that you wash children's hands thorougly. We advise that hand gel should not be used as an alternative to hand washing.

    All visitors should follow our Animal Contact Advice during and after their visit.

  • What if someone gets lost?

    Please go to the shop (at the main entrance),  the shop staff can then radio other farm staff, to help locate the lost person.

  • Where can we wash our hands?

    We have handwashing facilities in several locations, including a hand wash station near the Children's Barn. We also have a Welly Wash near the Children's Barn.These are all clearly signed.

    Please note that alcohol gels are not a substitute for handwashing.

  • Can I smoke anywhere on the site?

    No, we are a smoke free site. Please do not smoke anywhere on the site - this includes the entrance and car parks. Thank you for your cooperation.