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Wildlife & conservation
Woodlands in April
Our Secret Lake is home to Roach and Rudd
A male dragonfly
The wild cuckoo flower can be found in Kent hedgerows and meadows.

Wildlife & conservation

The quality of wildlife habitats across the farm have been gradually improved over the past seven years.

  • Gaps in hedgerows have been replanted
  • Wildlife corridors have been created to link new and existing habitats
  • New ponds have been dug and planted appropriately

The Rare Breeds Centre has followed an approach that is sympathetic to wildlife. This, combined with a structured programme of land management has resulted in a doubling of small mammal numbers including major increase in recorded numbers of yellow ring-necked mice, a threatened species.

A wide variety of wildlife habitats are accessible from several farm walks. These include spectacular bluebell woodland and ancient hedgerows, as well as recently coppiced areas and Rainbow Wood a native plantation woodland. Our secret lake and several ponds provide aquatic interest.

Rainbow Wood

Rainbow Wood is a native plantation woodland, which was originally set up as a commemorative wood many years ago. There are many commemorative dedications in the wood which you can see as you follow our woodland walks. We no longer take on any new dedications.