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At the beginning of February, we were very excited to introduce Al and Beano, our two male ferrets, to their brand-new enclosure. Jack and the farming team did an exceptional job constructing the ferret's new home! It features a cosy nest with soft bedding, along with various bridges, ladders, and tunnels which provide ample opportunities for exploration and play. Additionally, there's a swing and a ball pit which, needless to say, Al and Beano have really enjoyed playing with in the first few weeks.  

Currently, Al and Beano are the only residents of the enclosure, but the farming team plans to introduce more ferrets very soon. In the meantime, these two boys are enjoying the chance to explore their new home by themselves! 

Thanks to their playful and inquisitive nature, Al and Beano have become very popular with our visitors. If you're planning to visit the farm, make sure to take some pictures and videos of these two adorable guys and share them with us on our social media pages! 


Ferret enclosure

Our custom ferret enclosure was built here at the farm and includes a ballpit, ladder, slide and tunnels for these playful animals :)