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We will sadly be saying goodbye to our Birds of Prey Experiences on 24 July 2023.

You can still book a Birds of Prey Experience for June or July, or enjoy your existing booking by 24th July this year. 

We are pleased to share that our Head Falconer Colin has found new employment in the same field.  To avoid any changes to the high-quality displays that all our customers have become accustomed to we have moved the final date of displays to 24 July 2023.  We are also happy to share that Colin has managed to source suitable new homes for all the birds from the Rare Breeds Centre.

To make sure our visitors still enjoy a varied day out, during the summer we will be adding some new additions to the day such as pig washing and pig feeding with a talks from staff daily.

Please contact us for more details [email protected]. You can also view our FAQs.