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Schools FAQs

The following FAQs should help you get the most from your visit.
  • Can we re-fill our water bottles?

    • Yes – Water bottles can be re-filled using our water fountains- these are labelled on the maps. You can find them in Benson's Barn and at the Catering Cabin.
  • What if someone gets lost?

    • If you have lost a child, please tell the nearest staff member and head to the Gift Shop.
    • If we discover a lost child, our staff will bring them to the Gift Shop where we can make a tannoy announcement for the school leader.
  • Can we touch the animals?

    • Animals should only be touched at the supervised 'Meet the Animals' sessions.
    • Animals with a calm temperament are selected for contact during our supervised 'Meet the Animals' sessions. The animals are accustomed to being handled and are usually friendly, however all animals have the potential to bite or butt and should be treated with respect. It is best to hold your hand flat and approach the animal from below its chin rather than towards its eyes or forehead which it may interpret as a threat.
    • Outside the 'Meet the Animals' sessions, the animals should not be touched and people should not put fingers into cages, fences or wires.
    • It is important that everyone washes their hands following participation in the 'Meet the Animals' sessions.
    • All visitors should follow our Animal Contact Advice during and after their visit.
  • Can we feed the animals?

    We ask that the public do not feed our animals, as they are on special diets. The wrong food could cause damage to their health.

  • Where can we wash our hands?

    • We have handwashing facilities in several locations, including a hand wash station near the Children's Barn. These are all marked on the map.
    • Please note that alcohol gels are not a substitute for handwashing.
    • We also have a welly wash near the Children's Barn.
  • Are there first aiders on site?

    • There are always trained first aiders on duty.
    • If you have an emergency, then please contact a member of staff who has a radio.
    • If you have a walking casualty, please take them to the Gift Shop as the first contact point.