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Groups FAQs

The following FAQs should help you get the most from your visit.
  • What if we are late?

    Please telephone and let us know ASAP.

  • What time can we arrive?

    Groups can arrive from 10.00am. There is a little bit of admin to be completed before your group can enter the farm, this usually provides an ideal toilet opportunity before group visits start exploring the farm.

  • Where should we park?

    • The coach park is situated on the right before the general car park as you head for the entrance to the farm.
    • Disabled minibuses can use the disabled parking bays immediately outside the Admissions gate/shop.
  • What should we do on arrival?

    • While the group gets their things together, please can the group leader come to the Admissions gate/shop to complete the admin for the visit.
    • Please be ready to tell the Group Coordinator how many children, infants (under 3s) and accompanying adults you have in your party (this is for payment/your invoice).
    • You will be given a sticker for every member of your party which signifies that you have paid and allows you to come in and out of the farm.
    • Once all the initial admin is done, the rest of the group can then join the visit leader and enter the farm.
  • How do we pay?

    • You can pay:
      • in cash/cheque on the day (Cheques made payable to ‘Canterbury Oast Trust’)
      • by card on the day
      • we can invoice you after your visit
    • You should have indicated on your booking form how you wish to pay.
    • To qualify for group prices, a group visit must be paid for in 1 payment.  Members of the group cannot pay individually.
  • Where are the toilets?

    Toilets are located opposite the Admissions gate/shop and at Sammy's Play Park.

  • Where do we eat lunch?

    • For picnics you can use any of the picnic tables located around the farm.The Benson Barn and the marquee have picnic tables undercover if it is wet.
    • Please note, that the restaurant is for the use of customers buying food in the restaurant.
  • Can we re-fill our water bottles?

    Yes – Water bottles can be re-filled using our water fountains- these are labelled on the maps.
    You can find them in Benson's Barn and at the Catering Cabin.

  • What if someone gets lost?

    They should go to the shop, where the staff can then make an announcement for the group leader to come to the shop.

  • Can we feed the animals?

    No, please do not feed our animals, they have their own diets and the wrong food could damage their health.

  • Can we touch the animals?

    • Animals should only be touched at the supervised 'Meet the Animals' sessions.
    • Animals with a calm temperament are selected for contact during our supervised 'Meet the Animals' sessions. The animals are accustomed to being handled and are usually friendly, however all animals have the potential to bite or butt and should be treated with respect. It is best to hold your hand flat and approach the animal from below its chin rather than towards its eyes or forehead which it may interpret as a threat.
    • Outside the 'Meet the Animals' sessions, the animals should not be touched and people should not put fingers into cages, fences or wires.
    • It is important that everyone washes their hands following participation in the 'Meet the Animals' sessions.
    • All visitors should follow our Animal Contact Advice during and after their visit.
  • Where can we wash our hands?

    • We have handwashing facilities in several locations, including a hand wash station near the Children's Barn, Aviary and Zip Wires. These are all marked on the map.
    • Please note that alcohol gels are not a substitute for handwashing.
    • We also have a welly wash near the Children's Barn.