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Shire Horse

Shire Horse

Lady Rhona is stunning Shire Horse.

Lady Rhona joined us in April 2018, having previously lived at another attraction. She enjoys meeting our visitors and can frequently been seen popping her head above the stable door in our Children's Barn. Rhona is approx. 17.2hh (hands) tall to the withers (base of neck). 
If you spend all day at the farm you will likely see Rhona grazing in her paddock with Mini the cheeky Shetland pony near the carpark.

Shires are strong, yet placid horses. They are the largest draught horse in Britain. They were used to work the land on farms before the introduction of tractors, undertaking work such as ploughing the fields. Traditionally the tail would be kept short to prevent it becoming tangled in machinery. This breed was forced into decline by agricultural mechanisation and is now on the RBST (Rare Breeds Survival Trust) At Risk watchlist.

Photo credit: Piers Golden 2018