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English Longhorn Cattle

English Longhorn Cattle

Maisie, Madeleine, Margaux & Morgana are our English Longhorn cows. And then of course there is Max, our English Longhorn bull. You can find all of them in cattle shed.

English Longhorn is an ancient breed with large sweeping horns; it came close to extinction in the middle of the 20th century.

They are one of our largest native cattle breeds; with the cows (females) weighing 700-750kg and the bulls often over 1 tonne (1000-1100kg).

The body may be a variety of brindle colours but all have the characteristic white line along the back and down the tail. The horns usually sweep and curve forwards and as the name suggests can grow to great lengths. They are excellent mothers, give birth very easily and are docile and easy to manage.