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It's that time of the year again... the farm is full of spring babies.

Our lambing season has begun here at the Rare Breeds Centre.

Breeds such as Jacob, Portland, Wiltshire, and Coloured Lincoln have all been born this week (1st week of April), the first of which will be turned out to fields next week.

Many more ewes are due to give birth over the coming weeks, and visitors might be lucky enough to see a lamb born during their visit. Head to our lambing tunnel to see our ewes and lambs. 

We are also expecting goat kids and calves so do pop by our goats and cattle too.

Don't forget there are chicks, fluffy bunnies and piglets in our children's barn for you to meet!



To stay safe during a visit to the farm everyone should follow our animal contact advice and pregnant women should avoid contact with lambs, kids and calves during lambing time.

Please follow our advice: